Care4Health provides your business a complete

Customer Queue Management & Online booking system

developed by RITSolutions

Our platform aims to provide services that allow a healthcare practice to connect their key software systems, as well as provide those much-needed additional conveniences to their customers/patients. Develop and implement the Care4Health software that will be customized for the client’s business customer queuing workflow and online booking.

How Care4Health Online Booking Eliminates Waiting in Line:


The ability for patients to initiate their visits or appointments, with the ability to perform this from a variety of platforms or devices.


Allowing patients to be informed of queues and wait times through waiting room dashboards, and other digital notifications.


Care4Health System requires a username / password log-in as a security feature. The starting numbers used for queuing are also randomized to further safeguard the queuing process.

Get a quick overview of how the Care4Health software works via our online demo!

A Simple Solution to your business need:

Care4Health Queue Management & Online Booking System

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The Care4Health System screen layout can accommodate advertisements, company commercials and promotions that can be featured to promote your business or to introduce a new product or service. Clients waiting in line are a captive audience and very responsive to advertisement messages. The ad space can also be marketed to affiliates or clients as a below-the-line marketing activity.